In-Sauna Tablet

Smart Sauna Control

This is what makes the mPulse a Smart Sauna. The Android Control Pad (ACP), conveniently drives all aspects of your experience at your fingertips. The tablet provides access to the six pre-set health programs, the custom program creator, scheduling, and WiFi connectivity allows seamless integration and pushed software updates with ongoing new features.


Pre-set Wellness Programs

You can get a deep detoxification or a relaxing respite at the touch of a button. Because of Sunlighten’s patented 3 in 1® heater technology, you get customized health programs using each of red light/near, mid and far infrared wavelengths. Research has shown that each of these wavelengths has different benefits, the data from which we used to create each program. So the hard work is done for you. 

You’re also in control if you want to be. The Control Pad allows you to create and save your own customized program on your profile, adjusting the RED/NIR, MIR and FIR wavelengths in each of the heaters.  


My Profile

By adding your basic health information to your profile, you will be able to track your data based on your sauna use for future customisation. Add as many different user profiles as you want. 

Set Your Schedule

Schedule mode also allows for multiple users to schedule sessions so that the sauna is ready when you need it. Create different schedules for each user in the household. 

Customise Your Own Program

Near, mid and far infrared waves provide the utmost personalisation. Choose to customise a session’s infrared output to the setting that best accomplishes your wellness goals. 

See What's Happening

During a program, a dashboard shows you what wavelengths are emitting during your session, and allows you to monitor time and temperature. It makes what's invisible, "visible."

*Sunlighten can't guarantee integration of all third-party apps due to updates and new versions.